Some Of The Career Alternatives In The Arena Of Mba, It And Finance

The assortment of career alternatives put forth by the world in front of the students makes them bewilder as to what they want to do when they grow up. With virtually new courses sprouting up every other day; it is really hard to decide which way one wants to go. In this article we will be discussing some of the positions which you can procure, if you pursue a career in MBA, finance or IT. MBA careers are mainly chosen as they are reckoned worldwide for their lucrative salaries and matchless benefits in the corporate world. The sheer plethora of career alternatives proffered by a MBA degree will definitely sweep you off your feet. Globalization has also intensified the job scenario in various countries which are on the look out for highly skilled and industry ready professionals.

For MBA aspirants, they can look forward to a career as a Brand manager wherein you will have to plan, develop, and direct the marketing efforts for a particular brand or product. You can also view yourself in a few years on the seat of a Human Resources (HR) Manager, Logistics Manager, Management Consultant, Market Research Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Development Manager, Project Manager, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager, Store/ Retail Manager, International Business Manager, Inventory Manager or an Operations Manager.

Finance Careers lets you find a vocation in any part of the globe i.e. it is not geographically constrained. It also never goes out of demand as cash flow between corporations never ceases to impede. Let us browse through some of the alternatives; we have in hand pertaining to finance. Finance careers also proffer abundant benefits and growth opportunities.

Some of the posts which you can look forward to, if you are a finance student, are: a Career as a Mutual Fund Advisor/ Relationship Manager, Banker, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, Company Secretary, Compliance Officer, Financial Planner, Loan Officer, Portfolio Manager, Probationary officer/ Banking officer, Research Analyst, Actuarian, Economist, ICWA, Insurance Appraiser/Surveyor, Insurance Sales Agent/ Advisor, Investment Banker or Underwriter.

IT careers are also renowned for their fat pay checks and flexible working hours. The IT careers you can look forward to are as follows: – Animator, Communication Managers,Computer and Information System Managers, Computer Engineer, Computer Forensics, Video Game Designer, Computer Graphic Specialists, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Programmer, Computer Security Professional, Computer Software Engineer, Computer Systems Manager, Cryptanalyst, Database Developer, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Games Programmer, Information Technology Specialist, Internet Professional, Internet System Administrator, Medical Informatics, Network Systems Analyst, Robotics Engineer, Software Developer, Software Tester, Systems Analyst, Systems Operators, Chief Information Officer, Unmanned Vehicle Operations Specialist, Web Master, Web Design and Web Developer.

Hard working nature, dedication and commitment are essential traits to stay elevated in this cut throat competitive IT arena. You should also note down that acquiring certifications from Microsoft, Sun and Cisco will go a long way in adding value to your Curriculum Vitae and make you more employable. It is however utterly imperative to analyze self before plunging into decision making as to which career you want to pursue.

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