Financing Options For Your Business

One of the challenges of getting started in any type of business structure be it corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship is getting financing to start or to maintain daily operations. Typically you will have determined what you need for starting up and maintaining operations in your business plan and will go seek a loan from commercial lenders. And the lenders are all different too. They all have different requirements and some have perks to offer for your business. But before you shop for a lender you should know what is available in the way of corporate business financing.

When shopping around for commercial loans and trying to figure out this corporate financing game, the topic of cash flow will no doubt be referred to. Cash flow is the one aspect of a business that can make it work and lack of it can destroy it. If you have any experience with business at all, you know that there will be a delay from the time a business first starts to when the invoices start getting paid. Yet during this time, the corporation still has bills and salaries to pay. Expenses also include paying suppliers just so that they can fill their own purchase orders. Try explaining cash flow to your employees when they have not been paid-not a good scenario. Or, try explaining to your supplier why you have not paid its invoices. This is why you need corporate financing.

One corporate financing option you might be offered has to do with loaning you money based upon the number of outstanding purchase orders you have. They way it works is the suppliers you use to fill your purchase orders are paid directly by the lender. This type of commercial lending program gives you cash flow because your suppliers are taken care of and you can use money for other things. Plus, you can take advantage of any supplier early payment discounts.

Another popular form of corporate financing is known as receivables factoring. How this works is a receivables factoring company will loan your corporation money based upon the value of receivables still open. Your invoices are an asset and are basically collateral for the loan. Factoring is great if a corporation does not want to incur further debt but needs a portion of the money it is owed in order to conduct day-to-day business operations. The factoring company will verify the invoices you want to factor and then loan you a significant portion of the money and hold back a small percentage. The end customer you have invoiced will actually pay the factoring company (even though the check is still made out to your company). When the invoice is paid, the amount held back is returned to your company and the factoring company takes its fees from it.

And of course there are commercial loans for your corporation that is based upon your fixed assets. These loans are secured by equipment or commercial real estate your corporation holds so you will probably get longer payment terms and lower interest.

And commercial lenders may have other programs to help you keep your cash flow at a state that is good for the health of your business without incurring a lot of burdensome debt. Shop around and get all the details before making your decision and prepare a good business plan.

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The Maze of Family Finances

The family finance game no longer just entails paying the mortgage and other bills each month. With budget planning, college and vacation savings, and making smart investments, knowing the ins and outs of your financial situation is vital for a healthy home and a healthy future.

Too many people, women especially, ignore this area of home management. Their spouse will take care of the finances while they take care of the home. This is all well and good, but it’s important not to keep yourself in the dark. Knowing where you are right now financially is the first step in knowing where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there. Be part of the decision making process – it’s what being partners is all about!

So, how do you dive in and get up to speed on family financing?

Make A Budget

The most important first step you can take is to make a budget for yourself. Most people have no idea how much they spend on what each month, and knowing where your money is going is essential.

Write down all your monthly bills: mortgage, car payments, utilities, cell phone, internet, etc. Also keep track of how much you’re spending on groceries and ‘invisible purchases’, like that $3.95 latte you get every morning. Track your spending for a month and you’re guaranteed to be surprised at where it all goes!

Set Goals

After you know where your money is going each month, you’ll know how much you have left over for savings and investments. Having very clear goals about what you’re saving for is essential to successful saving.

Instead of just vaguely putting money into a CD or savings account, sit down and look at what you want. Do you want to take the family on a stellar vacation to Aruba next year? Do you want to be able to pay for college when your kids get older? If you know you’re trying to save up so your daughter can go to the school of her choice, it might make you think twice about that latte every morning. Coffee at home tastes just as good!

Think Before You Buy

Make conscious choices about what you buy on a daily basis. Making a real effort to mull over purchases will not only save you money but will also cut down on the clutter in your home! Ask yourself if you really need this, does it have a place in your home, and if you’re really going to use it.

Teach Good Habits

Don’t forget about your kids. Teaching your children to handle money responsibly will help them be financially successful adults. Give them an allowance (whether or not to have them earn it is a personal decision) and let them know that once the money is gone, it’s gone.

If they splurge their week’s allowance on video games and then want more the next day to go to the movies, don’t give in! This teaches them to budget their money, and will make them start thinking about their own purchases. If they can learn to ignore our society’s lust for rampant consumerism and make wise choices, they’ll be ten steps ahead of everyone else.

Pay Yourself First

Having money automatically deducted from your checking account every two weeks is a great way to make yourself save. If you never really see the money, you’re less likely to miss it. Many banks will do this free of charge, and setting up automatic withdrawals takes only a few minutes. It’s well worth it if it helps you save for your future goals. If you’re wondering how much to withdraw each month, first try 10% of your net income. If that puts too much strain on your finances, drop it down to 8% or even 5%. But never down to 0%!

Remember, having goals and knowing what you’re saving for will enable you to chart a clear course for where you’re headed. You can get there with some careful thought and advance planning.

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Venture Financing Games

There are so many entrepreneurs who want to start businesses, but they won’t get off their lazy butts to start the business until someone gives him 2 or $3 million for the venture capital. As a retired entrepreneur, who has started several businesses from scratch, literally from a “bucket of water and a sponge” into a national franchise chain cleaning cars, airplanes, and fleets of vehicles, I am often blown away by the audacity of some of these younger so-called entrepreneurs.

It’s amazing, how they wish to thrust themselves into the world of high-finance. You’d think they were investment bankers by the way they talk, act, and scheme. I can recall similar conversations with folks from Lehman Brothers back in the day, attempting to get me to merge my company with some silly nonsense and unprofitable brand.

Not long ago, someone approached me to discuss a new business venture that they were considering, and they pretended to be my friend, and discuss the actual concept, but what they were really trying to do is feel me out as an Angel Investor, and they were looking for 1,000,000+ and they indicated that they were willing to put in a couple hundred thousand dollars of their own money into the venture, but not unless they had the big money funding they felt they wanted to start.

This new innovation and invention was only an idea on a piece of paper, with rough rudimentary sketches. The reality is a prototype could probably build a built in someone’s garage or about $20-$30,000. Therefore, if they use their $200,000 to do this, they would have $170,000 left over once they produce the prototype. But alas, they were too lazy to start the process until they received a huge chunk of money so they could live on easy street while doing it, literally paying everyone else to complete their idea and concept, while they drove around in a new bright red sports car.

You see, if someone spent $30,000 building the prototype and had $170,000 left over, they could spend $40,000 to a Patents and still have $130,000 to actually start their business, and then go get venture capital. And it would be a lot easier to get venture capital once she had a working prototype and patents and, she’d be able to keep a larger percentage or chunk of the company as she started.

The reality is either I am getting too old, or this next generation is getting far too lazy. Indeed, it was interesting because the individual that contacted me was actually a couple years older than I was, but she acted like a twenty-something who wanted a free ride. The moral of the story is if you are an Angel Investor, and you are approached by someone like this tell them to “take a hike,” you don’t need them, they need you so they can go buy new sports cars and live high on the hog until the money runs out with your dime. Forget that noise. Trust no one.

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The 3 Best Personal Finance Games For Kids

They say that the best time to learn is when you’re young and you can teach your kids about personal finance today in a fun and educational manner. The best thing is that kids are always asking you for games to play to keep them entertained and there’s nothing better than learning while having fun. This article gives a rundown of the 3 best games kids can play to learn about personal finance.

1. Monopoly – a legendary and highly educational board games. As adults we probably played this game ourselves in our younger days and had heaps of fun. The money lessons from this game are still relevant today. Kids are forced to make decisions as to whether to buy or sell property and then as their financial situation changes, make further decisions. We, as adults, make financial decisions everyday and so it’s great that kids get exposed to that early.

2. Game of Life – a more modern game, yet still very educational. If you haven’t heard about the game, it explores the decisions we make and the paths we take in life. Eventually, the amount of money that we earn gets affected and you learn how to manage this. The closest thing to a real life game.

3. Cash Flow For Kids – invented by financial expert and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki, it is probably the first game ever invented with the goal of making children more financially literate. It introduces kids to the concept of assets and liabilities as well as passive income. Probably the best game for kids out there today.

Whatever you decide to do, you must try to financially educate your kids from a young age. You may use other means with which to do this, but there’s probably nothing more exciting than personal finance games for your kids.

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Spend Time Cooking With Your Kid At Cooking Games

Times nowadays are more complicated than it used to be. This is for the reason that man has several priorities, caught up under several appointments and many things are lined up and need to be done, at which maybe difficult to compress in a single day. This sometimes resulted into lesser time allotted for the family especially to the children. With the influx of the internet, however, these problems have been partly answered by making internet as a one-stop destination to accomplish several things, from shopping to even business transactions like banking and finance management. Even the leisure of your kids is also answered. There are many games available online which you can share with your child and one of them is cooking games. If you don’t have the time to spend with your child with her pots and pans, share the moments with her cooking delectable dishes and colorful pastries!

Cooking can be made virtually through online games like cooking games. Aside from the fact that you are spared from cooking injuries like burns and bruises, you also have complete set of cooking utensils and equipments that are necessary for the cooking. Help your kid do the cooking and you will realized that she have a sound future in culinary arts!
Some of the dishes that you can cook at this online game are your kid’s all-time favorite spaghetti, burgers and even cold salad. You can also bake cake and several pastries which can be decorated in such a way that it is blissful to your child’s eyes. Help her grill hotdogs and beef patties for the burger and sandwiches or you can also teach her how to make fried ice cream!

Cooking can is fun and is also educational. Aside from the excitement that cooking could bring, you can also enhance the memory of your child. In cooking, it is necessary that you memorized the correct ingredients that you need, or you will bring disaster to your cooking. Help your kid make delicious and palatable dishes and you will see how pleased she can be; sharing fun and spending time with her.

If you see cooking as complicated, you don’t have to worry about it now. Cooking at online games are made based on the ease, convenience and flexibility of the resources that you have. You don’t even need to be an expert in cooking because even the novice cooks pretty well at online games. Be ready to throw a fabulous party from scratch and in some minutes, you are already done with the preparations!

Cooking is part of entertainment not only through games but in reality as well. Even you are not well knowledgeable in the kitchen, you can cook various foods at cooking games. In addition, you learn several recipes and menu ideas for simple meals of the family, for birthday parties and scrumptious dinner. Who knows, your kid might pursue cooking as career too!

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Some Of The Career Alternatives In The Arena Of Mba, It And Finance

The assortment of career alternatives put forth by the world in front of the students makes them bewilder as to what they want to do when they grow up. With virtually new courses sprouting up every other day; it is really hard to decide which way one wants to go. In this article we will be discussing some of the positions which you can procure, if you pursue a career in MBA, finance or IT. MBA careers are mainly chosen as they are reckoned worldwide for their lucrative salaries and matchless benefits in the corporate world. The sheer plethora of career alternatives proffered by a MBA degree will definitely sweep you off your feet. Globalization has also intensified the job scenario in various countries which are on the look out for highly skilled and industry ready professionals.

For MBA aspirants, they can look forward to a career as a Brand manager wherein you will have to plan, develop, and direct the marketing efforts for a particular brand or product. You can also view yourself in a few years on the seat of a Human Resources (HR) Manager, Logistics Manager, Management Consultant, Market Research Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Development Manager, Project Manager, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager, Store/ Retail Manager, International Business Manager, Inventory Manager or an Operations Manager.

Finance Careers lets you find a vocation in any part of the globe i.e. it is not geographically constrained. It also never goes out of demand as cash flow between corporations never ceases to impede. Let us browse through some of the alternatives; we have in hand pertaining to finance. Finance careers also proffer abundant benefits and growth opportunities.

Some of the posts which you can look forward to, if you are a finance student, are: a Career as a Mutual Fund Advisor/ Relationship Manager, Banker, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, Company Secretary, Compliance Officer, Financial Planner, Loan Officer, Portfolio Manager, Probationary officer/ Banking officer, Research Analyst, Actuarian, Economist, ICWA, Insurance Appraiser/Surveyor, Insurance Sales Agent/ Advisor, Investment Banker or Underwriter.

IT careers are also renowned for their fat pay checks and flexible working hours. The IT careers you can look forward to are as follows: – Animator, Communication Managers,Computer and Information System Managers, Computer Engineer, Computer Forensics, Video Game Designer, Computer Graphic Specialists, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Programmer, Computer Security Professional, Computer Software Engineer, Computer Systems Manager, Cryptanalyst, Database Developer, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Games Programmer, Information Technology Specialist, Internet Professional, Internet System Administrator, Medical Informatics, Network Systems Analyst, Robotics Engineer, Software Developer, Software Tester, Systems Analyst, Systems Operators, Chief Information Officer, Unmanned Vehicle Operations Specialist, Web Master, Web Design and Web Developer.

Hard working nature, dedication and commitment are essential traits to stay elevated in this cut throat competitive IT arena. You should also note down that acquiring certifications from Microsoft, Sun and Cisco will go a long way in adding value to your Curriculum Vitae and make you more employable. It is however utterly imperative to analyze self before plunging into decision making as to which career you want to pursue.

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Some Know How On Careers In Marketing, It And Finance

With assortments of career alternatives out there, students are split on choices as to which career path to pursue. In such milieu, let us discuss some of the imperative and pertaining careers in Finance, Marketing and IT. The finance industry is an ever green career option which never goes out of fashion and the sheer number of alternatives accessible when it comes to Careers in finance will surely sweep you off your feet.

Let us browse through some of the most sought after careers in finance. You can aim to be a mutual fund advisor or a relationship manager or you can look forward to a career as a banker in any of the numerous banking establishments. Some other alluring careers in financing sectors are: – chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, Company Secretary, Compliance Officer, Financial Planner, Loan Officer, Portfolio Manager, Probationary officer or Banking officer, Research Analyst, Actuarian (trained statistician), Economist, ICWA, Insurance Appraiser/Surveyor, Insurance Sales Agent/ Advisor, Investment Banker and Under Writer. As the name suggests finance related careers essentially deal with money and can do wonders for your future.

Now let us come to some of the careers in Marketing. Careers in marketing are pretty much fun and folks who love challenges are cut out for this type of careers. But with changing temperament of eth new age customers, marketers have to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments and accordingly prepare shelves for the chore. Some of the essential traits of a perfect marketer are: – excellent communication skills, apt at identifying quandaries, etc. Some of the most sought after careers in marketing are: -Brand Manager, Human Resources (HR) Manager, Logistics Manager, Management Consultant, Market Research Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Development Manager, Project Manager, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager, Store/ Retail Manager, International Business Manager, Inventory Manager and Operations Manager.

Now let us come to the most preferred choice of new age students that of careers in IT (information Technology). IT has revolutionized the entire facet of the globe by proffering high quality services at reasonable prices. The IT scenario in India is burgeoning at a swift pace and students are making a bee line for admission into educational establishments proffering pertinent education relevant to IT. Some of the most desired careers in IT are: -System Administrator, Computer Forensics, Chief Information Officer, Computer Operator, Database Administrator, Computer Hardware Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Games Programmer, Computer Security Professional, Programmer, Project Manager, Software Engineer, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Computer Graphic Specialists, Computer Systems Manager, Database Developer, Video Game Designer, Web Designer, Web Master, Web Developer, Cryptanalyst, etc. A career in IT is rewarding as well as very innovative as you put yourself to challenging the dead

lines and making technology work for the benefit of human race. Some of the quintessential attributes to become an apt IT professional are dedication, hard working nature and commitment; one should also take note that, certifications from Microsoft, sun and Cisco plays an utterly imperative role in shaping successful careers.

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To Write Finance Dissertation Requires Firm Knowledge Of Financial Concepts

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Finance is a tough subject. To write finance dissertation requires firm knowledge of financial concepts if you are weak in finance don’t have any idea about the values and trends of stock market. You can avail the services of our professional Ph.D. writers for Dissertation in finance. Our writing team offer you complete analysis of financial data.
You are more than welcome at We are always ready to provide you assistance, guidelines and support for your dissertation writing. By availing the services of writing team the success is as simple as playing games.

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What You Need To Know About Equipment Lease Rates And Interest Finance Charges In Canadian Lease Fin

Although the Canadian equipment finance industry is very competitive many Canadian business owners and financial mangers don’t fully understand how equipment lease rates and interest finance charges are calculated… how they can be managed, and what issues affect your ultimate monthly pricing. Let’s examine some ‘ need to know ‘points that will allow you to fully maximize the benefits of lease financing assets in Canada.

We don’t blame clients for always wanting ‘ the best deal ‘… the ‘ lowest rate ‘… the ‘ smallest monthly payment ‘. Some of the variables that go into those issues are controlled by the lessor; some can easily be managed by you.

Asset quality is often a factor in Canadian lease finance. The ability of either yourself of the lessor to understand the ongoing value and the final residual value of the asset you are financing plays a key role in equipment finance pricing in the Canadian marketplace. A win win situation exists of course when both you and the lessor have a transaction that meets both of your needs.

Lessors refer to their profit on a transaction as their ‘ yield ‘. Many lease finance firms strive to earn a certain constant yield on their lease transaction they finance for Canadian business. It’s simply their ultimate profit for putting funds out on your transaction.

Canadian business mangers choose from only two basic lease types when acquiring and asset via a lease finance strategy. Its as simple as that, you are either selecting a capital lease, which is a ‘ lease to own ‘ strategy, or alternatively you are choosing and operating lease .The operating lease is a transaction wherein you have a stated intention to return or upgrade the asset during or at the end of the lease term . The true beauty of the operating lease is that it also gives you still the right to purchase the asset, even though that might not have been your original intention.

Put yourself in the eyes of the lease company, and let’s use a simple example of a 1000.00 transaction. If the final residua value of the asset at the end of the term of the operating lease is 100.00 and the lease firm estimated this as , lets say 50.00 then they have just realized a further 50.00 profit on the asset .

So who is the best to understand the actual true value of the lease at the end of the term? Quite frankly, sometimes its you, who understand your business only too well. Alternatively many lease equipment finance firms have significant expertise also. It depends,

The type of lease company you choose to work with also has a significant effect on your interest finance charges. Bottom line, your lease firms borrow funds also. In Canada that’s typically done through insurance companies and banks. So a general rule of thumb is that if your lease finance firm is larger, well funded, and well managed… the bottom line is that your chances of more aggressive lease rates increases.

We hate calling them ‘ games ‘ but the industry uses many nuances in pricing and structure and terms that significantly affect your overall finance charges . What are some of these?

A good example is advance payments you are asked to make, or security deposits. If you are asked me make a significant security deposit ensure interest accrues to your security deposit, at a rate commensurate with the size of the deposit.

Many assets are acquired on an interim rent basis… that has the lessor outlaying cash before you actually sign off on the final acceptance of the asset. It could be a complicated computer project that is being funded, or perhaps a production asset that is being assembled by your vendor in stages.

We’ve highlighted just a few of the basic issues that should come into consideration by your firm when you are concerned about getting those ‘ best ‘ equpment lease rates’ in the Canadian marketplace . There are others.

If there is a bottom line here it simply that it’s worth it to take some time and understand how some up front knowledge and consideration at the start of your lease finance process can positively impact interest finance charges in your favor as the lessee. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can guide you to the appropriate lease finance pricing for your ongoing equipment needs.

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Buy an Adult Tricycle – Your Checklist

It is always a headache when come to selecting a tricycle. There are so many different types and models for you to choose. Below is a simple checklist which every buyer should have in mind.


Set your spending limit. Be it below $500 or not exceeding $1000. With the budget you have in mind, you will eliminate unnecessary models and narrow down to you ideal trike. This will save your time and efforts.


You have to determine your needs. Are you looking for a tricycle just for leisure purpose and will be riding on flat terrains? Choose one with single speed then. It is cheaper. In case you are staying near areas with inclines, a multiple speeds trike would be more ideal. Do you require something which is easy for storage? Then you might want to choose a folding trike.


Who will be riding the trike? If it is for young adult or children with special needs, you may look for tricycle with smaller wheels and with lower step over. For heavyweight adults, try look for heavier tricycle with bigger wheels. If your trike will be used among family members and kids, try to choose a model built with adjustable length, like the Triton Pro. This will suit all family members with different height and body frame.


Some people find recumbent trike looks cool and funky. But there are always conventional folks who love the classic upright model, like Schwinn Meridian. Subject to your own preference, simply choose the design you love.


Other than commute function, if you also have the intention to use your tricycle as exercise tools, you may not want to buy an electric / motorized trike. This trike will not give you much work out.

Buying your first adult tricycle is always an exciting experience. Understand your needs and preference will make your purchase easier and faster.

Noel is a sports lover who currently reviewing tricycles for adults. You may also check out his other website on review of the best Chromatic Tuner in the market.

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